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The art of creating bonsai has its roots in China and Japan where it has been applied for centuries. In the countries of the east, it has a strong symbolism and is associated with peace, harmony and balance. It is known that bonsai need special care and proper care to stay beautiful and healthy. The Bonsai Beauty Institute – Massage Mykonos was inspired by this philosophy because this little tree needs special care and attention to be maintained and survive. Your body needs the same. All you have to do is trust the specialized therapists of the Bonsai Institute for the best care of your body. Leave our institute feeling energized, radiating joy to enhance your Mykonos vacation.


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The team of Bonsai Beauty Institute offers professional massage services and alternative therapies that are beneficial for your health and the rejuvenation of your body and soul. We all need some time with ourselves and our massage mykonos center is what you looking for. Time to “pause” in the obligations of our work and daily life in general, time to meet with ourselves. Leave the care of your body in the hands of our specialized therapists who know the right treatment you need for your body and you will see how you will radiate energy and joy to those around you. Indulge in professional massage services and alternative therapies for the ultimate body and soul rejuvenation during your visit to Mykonos.


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Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy therapy based on the transfer of Reiki spiritual cosmic energy and which has beneficial effects such as improving health, physical well-being, relaxation, peace of mind, optimism, developing positive emotions, developing compassion, spiritual development. It also treats headaches and migraines, muscle aches, psychological problems, chronic diseases, in the faster recovery after surgeries, recovery of physical, mental and intellectual problems. It is used in cancer patients to reduce the side effects of chemicals, and in the treatment of many more serious diseases, such as multiple sclerosis.



Swedish massage is the most demanding massage in many cases, because it treats a wide range of dysfunctions for most people, such as, for example, the stiffness you feel in the neck from your computer or mobile phone. The ultimate goal of Swedish massage is to relax the whole body while increasing blood circulation and oxygen, while reducing muscle toxins or tension. Improves posture, reduces stress, enhances body flexibility, contributes to sleep quality, and relieves pain.



Thai massage is an ancient healing art of the Far East. Its roots are lost in the depths of antiquity. In fact, the system nowadays called “Thai Massage” originates from India. This type of massage helps you relax and at the same time enhances the feeling of calm, comfort, energy and well-being. Thai massage relieves headaches, improves range of motion, reduces stress, stimulates circulation and releases the emotional and mental tension that accumulates in the body.



Lomi Lomi massage comes from Hawaii. It is also known as Kahuna massage or simply Lomi lomi. The word “lomi” means to press, pull, knead, rub and soothe. Kahuna is a traditional healing method offered by local Hawaiian healers. A Lomi Lomi massage could be described as floating in a lagoon by the sea. Sometimes you will feel gentle waves of energy moving in your body and other times they will be deep and strong. The result is a therapeutic methodology that brings balance, recovery and peace to your body. has beneficial effects on the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and nervous systems.



This lymphatic massage aims to increase lymph and blood circulation, detoxification and good fluid flow in the body, so as not to create swelling. It is considered beneficial and extremely effective in treating cellulite, as it aims to decongest the lymph from toxins and useless substances. It has amazing results, as the body fluids do not stagnate, the toxins leave and the fat cells stop accumulating. It is a very pleasant massage during which you will feel rested and relaxed, while the toxins are removed from your body.



Therapeutic Massage is a combination of relaxation massage and therapeutic massage not only to relax your whole body. Its main purpose is to improve circulation locally, awaken the body and produce heat. Once this is achieved, the body can more easily heal itself, while muscle pain can be significantly reduced. Therapeutic massage promotes muscle relaxation, reduces stress, relaxes and helps lower blood pressure.



Enjoy a unique experience having 2 therapists doing massages on your whole body at the same time. With the 4 hand massage you can get rid of stress, increase good blood circulation, improve your mental health and gain a better sleep. Eliminating the mental tension of everyday life, stress and negative thoughts. Just leave it in the hands of our experienced therapists.



Hard, long and regular workouts leave the muscles numb and the body full of pain. Sports massage helps the muscles and consequently the body get rid of toxins, relaxes tight areas, speeds up healing and helps prevent injuries. It focuses on the muscles that work in a repetitive motion and are tired of them. Massage also helps prepare the body for maximum performance as well as prevents and heals injuries.



The massage for couples gives you the opportunity to feel the absolute relaxation in the company of your partner. You can enjoy any kind of massage, which you will choose, together with your partner, at the same time, in a common room. A romantic getaway during the day, where you and your couple enjoy the same feeling, the same experience. Massage for couples can stimulate your love, rejuvenate your relationship and eliminate stress and tension from the daily life of the couple.



Another energy therapy from the depths of time. Tuning is the basis of healing through sound and music, because the principle in acoustic tuning applies not only to musical instruments but also to the human body. When sound waves enter the body, healthy cells also begin to vibrate and try to restore and strengthen the state of health. So we can significantly improve our physical and mental health and achieve immediate deep relaxation, better organ function, reduction of muscle and mental tension, recharging and harmonization of body cells, stress reduction, sleep improvement, positive effect on creativity and efficiency individual, harmonization of body, soul and spirit.



The beneficial properties offered by the relaxing massage on the human body are many. This particular massage technique satisfies not only physical needs, but also psychological ones. After all, the care and touch imposed by the relaxing massage technique, contributes to the improvement of psychology, the removal of stress and the overall relaxation of the body. It is a gentle, flowing style that relieves muscle tension, promotes general relaxation and improves circulation and range of motion. Reduces blood pressure and muscle tension, relieves muscle tension headaches and any anxiety-related symptoms. Improves peripheral circulation, skin tone and appearance.



Deep tissue massage targets the deeper tissue structures of muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. Deep massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or “knots”. The intensity of daily life, the pressure in the workplace, but also the wrong posture of the body, reduces the blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the muscles, as a result of which the body suffers from muscle spasms and pains. With the deep tissue we will give the solution to the pains, the blocked muscles and the muscle spasms.



Reflexology is the science that deals with the reflex points on the soles of the feet and palms, which correspond to each organ and part of the body. By stimulating these reflex points with special pressures and physical manipulations, the self-healing forces of the body are released and thus we achieve the relaxation and balance of the organism. When there is an imbalance or a blockage in an organ or in a part of the body, then in the corresponding reflex point some sediments (knots) are formed, which the specialist feels with his fingers. By stimulating these reflex points, the best circulation of blood, lymph and energy is achieved in the corresponding part of the body, which suffers, while at the same time endorphins are released from the brain, which are the body’s natural analgesics, and muscle tension is reduced, this is how any pain stops.



In order to bring back to our daily lives the authentic experience, the unique benefits, the mysterious atmosphere and the majestic of the baths, we created a luxurious place in the heart of Mykonos, a place for massage, relaxation, rehabilitation and complete rejuvenation.

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