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The art of creating bonsai has its roots in China and Japan where it has been applied for centuries. In the countries of the east, it has a strong symbolism and is associated with peace, harmony and balance. It is known that bonsai need special care and proper care to stay beautiful and healthy. The Bonsai Beauty Institute in Mykonos Massage was inspired by this philosophy because this little tree needs special care and attention to be maintained and survive. Your body needs the same. All you have to do is trust the specialized therapists of the Bonsai Institute for the best care of your body. Leave our institute feeling energized, radiating joy to enhance your Mykonos vacation.

Reiki massage


Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy therapy based on the transfer of Reiki spiritual cosmic energy and which has beneficial effects such as improving health, physical well-being, relaxation, peace of mind, optimism, developing positive emotions, developing compassion, spiritual development. It also treats headaches and migraines, muscle aches, psychological problems, chronic diseases, in the faster recovery after surgeries, recovery of physical, mental and intellectual problems. It is used in cancer patients to reduce the side effects of chemicals, and in the treatment of many more serious diseases, such as multiple sclerosis.

Treatment: REIKI
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